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A young dynamic city with a modern appearance offering a traditional Brabant welcome. That is how Eindhoven is best summed up. In no time, Eindhoven and south-east Brabant grew from a mainly rural area to a strongly industrial one with technology to the fore. This was a development that went hand-in-hand with rapid economic growth.

That recent history is mirrored in the appearance of the city. Buildings and factories dating from the twenties and thirties and contemporary office blocks for IT and service sector companies stand side by side. But the city of light - a reference to the Philips light bulb factory that 'defines' (and always has done) the development of Eindhoven - is not just a sober manufacturing environment.

Shops of all shapes and sizes such as the covered Heuvel Galerie (with some 100 shops), cafes and restaurants too numerous to mention give the city centre the friendly and lively air of a big city. The excellent social and cultural provision, the open-plan layout, the expanse of green and the typical Brabant landscape all around make Eindhoven a city where it is a pleasure to live and work.


The Eindhoven region can justly call itself the industrial centre of the Netherlands; the industry in question being modern, knowledge-intensive industry. It is not just Philips and DAF that give Eindhoven its pre-eminent position. South-east Brabant houses dozens of engineering companies and numerous young, innovative firms that make products which are distributed all over the world.

Eindhoven is the home of important educational establishments (Technical University and Design Academy) and other learning institutes. Philips concentrates all its research and development in the high tech campus around Philips Research in Eindhoven.

Art and culture

Eindhoven has a lot to offer its inhabitants and visitors in the area of art and culture. The city attracts attention from far and wide with the Van Abbemuseum, Muziekcentrum Frits Philips, home to the Brabants Orkest, and the Zuidelijk Toneel (Southern Theatre) that creates sensational stage productions. The Stadsschouwburg (Civic Theatre) is well-known in the area and attracts large audiences. This is also the case for smaller stages such as the Plaza Futura theatre and the Effenaar.

The cultural climate in Eindhoven is defined by some 200 exhibitions, 1,200 music and theatre performances and thousands of films in the 'normal' and 'alternative' circuits.

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